In the week from 25 to 30.11.2019 INTAMT conducted a professional study tour for the recipients of the “Physician of the Year 2019” Award. The 18 awarded doctors from the Republic of Tatarstan were able to get to know and compare the health systems of Germany and the Netherlands during this trip.

The experts from Russia were particularly interested in the hospital processes. How can be the route of a patient from the outpatient admission or emergency room  organised in urgent cases on the most efficient way? How could waiting times be shortened or how could the diagnosis and later treatment of the patient be organized in a time-saving yet comprehensive manner? How does the cooperation of medical disciplines work in a multidisciplinary case? How are later rehabilitation measures organised and who is responsible for financing of such rehabilitation?

Another very important question that especially moved the medical practitioners from Russia were, how to deal with the mistakes in everyday medical life and issues of personal responsibility of a doctor for successful patient treatment. In this context, the Russian colleagues were able to learn a lot from the German and Dutch colleagues: the open handling of the errors, a dialogue instead of sanctions, so-called “error culture” were the contents that caused a lot of resonance among the guests, but also the desire to create comparable conditions for the medical profession in their home country Russia.

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