Innovative project development and implementation is the area of our business activity that has been developing most dynamically. In a majority of projects INTAMT Academy takes on the role of a coordinator/project leader.

The projects we implement are focused on the following subjects:

  • Design of new educational courses addressing technological challenges;
  • Implementation of innovative teaching and learning solutions in educational institutions;
  • Exploring current trends in educational development;
  • Marketing studies of best practices in the social sector;
  • Organizing networking events promoting cooperation between NGOs.

While implementing projects, INTAMT Academy accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Project draft design and its validation;
  • Filing paperwork for project financing;
  • Development of procedures;
  • Selection of partners for project implementation in a project consortium;
  • Statement of work development, creating project schedule and determining financing plan;
  • Development of separate project stages in accordance with the statement of work;
  • Coordination of efforts between participants of the project consortium;
  • Organization of implementation of the project outcomes;
  • Submitting final reports to customers and funding organizations.

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