Our advantages


High qualification, great intercultural skills

We are a close-knit dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who have considerable life and work experience in both the EU and the CIS countries. This cultural diversity makes it possible for the team to conciliate the cultural differences that may occur during cooperation between people from different countries. INTAMT employees speak at least three languages, delivering professional translations and interpreting, which contributes to a better mutual understanding and ensures a successful partnership.

Extensive experience  

Over 15 years INTAMT Academy has organized more than 600 events including workshops, further training and business meetings in 25 countries around the world. More than 6500 participants took part in those events:

  • skilled employees and senior management in the administration on federal, regional and municipal levels;
  • researchers and representatives of HEI
  • Experts in early education as well as in school education, vocational training and adult education
  • Skill employees and senior management of companies, interest groups and professional associations. 















Effective technology

Through our years of experience we have developed efficient technologies and methods to plan and conduct our further training events. Each event is tailored to customer needs.

In addition, INTAMT has built a large data pool of potential customers and foreign partners in many focus areas. We have at our disposal an extensive collection of course materials for event participants and thanks to our large network of partners we can offer additional multi-faceted and engaging social programs.


Based on systematic exploration of international educational, scientific and technological trends we design new educational events, regularly update them expanding our offering with seminars and study tours on current topics and in different areas.

Our reputation and business contacts: INTAMT Academy is a well-established company on the international market of educational services and knowledge transfer. As a part of project and event implementation we work together with international organizations as well as with numerous public, non-governmental and private organizations in Germany, other EU countries, Eastern Europe, Russia, South Caucasus, Central Asia and other countries around the world. Click on the link to learn more.


An efficient infrastructure of organizational and logistic support of INTAMT activities has been established.

Furthermore, to ensure our participation in EU tender bidding INTAMT e.V. and INTAMT GmbH are registered as participants of European educational and research programs, while OOO Agency INTAMT in Moscow is registered on all electronic tendering platforms of the RF to take part in Russian tender processes. INTAMT Inc., our regional office in Toronto (Canada), was established in 2013.

In order to facilitate visa issues for our customers, we have established cooperation with consular agencies of a large number of countries.

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