Healthcare and Medicine

In the field of Healthcare and Medicine, INTAMT Academy is offering educational programs on the following subjects:

Exploring international experience in the following areas

  • Health care system and organization of health service delivery for the population
  • Health care funding; systems of health insurance: structure and main functions of its actors
  • Models of health care reimbursement including a model based on Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG)
  • Management of health care institutions; Quality Management Systems in health care
  • Medical rehabilitation: its organization and sources of founding
  • Operation of rehabilitation centres and their services
  • Organization and funding of outpatient long-term care for the elderly and disabled
  • ICT in health care; common information space for medical institutions
  • Cluster organization of scientific and applied R&D

Continuing professional education for doctors and nurses and job shadowing at European hospitals in the following focus areas:

  • Standardization of methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Innovative medical technologies and equipment; interaction of research institutions with hospitals in R&D and introduction of new medical technologies and devices
  • Individually tailored programs depending on area of expertise (e.g. endoscopic surgery, stereotactic surgery, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery; implantology, neurological rehabilitation etc.)
  • Family physicians and their interaction with hospitals and other health service providers

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