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The listed services are offered in cooperation with Service providers of the INTAMT Group.


Congresses and conferences

INTAMT Academy has been successfully organizing and conducting international congresses and conferences on a wide range of topics, including education, IT, urban planning and development, investment and business development, business innovation support, social and medical rehabilitation of people with disabilities etc. for some considerable time.

Between 2006 and 2009 INTAMT Academy carried out four German-Russian conferences, “Current application of ITC solutions”. More than 350 professors, lectures, research workers, students and PhD-students from German and Russian universities took part in these events.

Between 2010 and 2013 six international conferences on social protection and integration of people with disabilities were successfully held in Moscow and Düsseldorf. A large number of professionals from Russia, Germany and other European countries took part in these events, addressing issues of barrier-free environment, transportation, inclusive education, employment assistance and social integration for people with disabilities. In 2017 we carried out a Russian-Finnish exchange conference on preschool and school education in collaboration with the government of the Moscow region. According to the participants, the events were a great success both in terms of insightful content and excellent organization.

Consulting services

INTAMT Academy provides consulting services for experts and organizations. In doing that, we rely on the extensive work experience of our staff, gained both in European and CIS countries, as well as their excellent foreign language proficiency, which makes it possible for the team to conciliate the cultural differences that may occur during collaboration between people from different countries and to ensure successful communication.

Selection of partners

A wide network of partner organizations involved in our educational events and projects provides a solid basis for organizing cooperation between educational and research institutions, manufacturing enterprises and companies, public authorities, NGOs and experts around the world. INTAMT Academy organizes business meetings and negotiations for senior managers and experts, provides support in filing paperwork and communication. As a result of our efforts, more than 50 partnership agreements were signed between organizations, educational institutions and companies in Russia and Kazakhstan on the one hand and EU countries on the other. Some of the partnership agreements facilitated by INTAMT Academy have moved beyond the bilateral cooperation between separate organizations and become a basis for cooperation on an international scale. As a result, after several rounds of negotiations organized by INTAMT Academy an Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Double Degree Programs was signed between State University Tomsk (Russia) and Maastricht University (Netherlands). Five years of rigorous collaboration between these universities resulted in the signing of the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Dutch government and the government of the Tomsk region.

Exhibition services

Exhibition services are provided in three focus areas:

  • Conducting accompanying events during international trade fairs and exhibitions. Trade fair visitors are often interested in visiting the organizations focusing in related areas in order to get acquainted with their everyday practices. INTAMT Academy successfully organized more than ten such events on a wide variety of topics.
  • Organization and logistics. We inform our customers about upcoming events and meet all the necessary arrangements for their trip: provide visa support, arrange travel insurance, tickets, accommodation, transportation services, meals and social programs.
  • Supporting organizations and companies interested in becoming exhibitors at international trade fairs. INTAMT Academy facilitates the negotiating process with trade fair sponsors, provides support in filing paperwork for contracts and assists in design and content development of exhibition stands. We also provide organizational support for the trip.
Medical services

Since 2005 INTAMT Academy has carried out a wide variety of continuous professional educational programs on public health service and nursing care as well as job shadowing events. This has only been possible due to a wide network of collaborating hospitals and doctor’s offices including renowned clinical hospitals in Germany, France and the Netherlands and led to the establishment of MEDPROM company in 2008. MEDPROM offers organization of ambulant and hospital treatment for international patients in Europe.   

For further information, please visit MEDPROM website.

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