Become a Partner or Client

As a result of years of experience, we have built a wide network of educational and research institutions, manufacturing enterprises and companies, public authorities and NGOs in many countries around the globe. In these organizations participants of our events utilize the outcomes of their activities in development and implementation of innovational organizational, methodic and technological solutions. Membership of INTAMT Academy in a number of international organizations and sector associations ensures up-to-date exploration of current international trends in education, science and technology developments as well as contributes to the expansion of the partner network.

Cooperation with INTAMT offers you a wide range of advantages:

  • Participation of employees in CPD and further training
  • Targeted planning of event topics and market demand analysis thanks to an extensive network
  • Consulting services for planning and conducting further training programs

Don’t hesitate to contact our Board of Directors if you would like to become a client or a partner and are interested in cooperation with us.

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