Energy, Resource efficiency & Environment Protection

In the field of Energy, Resource efficiency & Environment Protection, INTAMT Academy is offering educational programs on the following subjects:

Technologies and equipment for conventional power generation
  • Market mechanisms necessary to stimulate innovations in the power industry
  • Modern power plants with high efficiency and low emissions
  • Organization of management and operation of a power plant
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration plants
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving in power generation
  • Training and continuous professional education of specialists in power plant management and operation.
Renewable energy generation
  • Legal framework fostering development of renewable energy generation
  • Technical equipment and facilities in renewable energy generation sector
  • Power supply engineering based on renewable energy sources
  • Integration of renewable energy sources in power supply systems
  • Installation and maintenance of renewable energy generating facilities
Electric power transmission and distribution
  • Organization of power supply to customers in a liberalized electricity market
  • Process of tariff setting and adjustment for services of power companies
  • Interaction of grid companies with power suppliers
  • Interaction of grid companies with energy retailers
  • Operation and maintenance of energy networks
  • Innovative methods of electric power transmission
  • Smart grid
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving in electric power transmission and distribution
Efficient use of resources and ecology
  • Legal framework regulating efficient use of resources and environmental protection
  • Environmental management
  • Environment recovery programs
  • Methods and measures for environmental monitoring
  • Innovative solutions in environmental protection
  • Safety of production processes
  • Cluster organization and technology optimization in hazardous production facilities
  • Waste treatment
  • Use of waste as an energy source

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