October 2017, Germany, Dusseldorf

In the first week of October 2017, for the eleventh time already, INTAMT Academy held a series of seminars in Düsseldorf on “European experience of medical rehabilitation and social integration of people with disabilities”, which were attended by specialists and managers of social protection and health care, as well as public organizations of Belarus and Russia.

This year’s cycle consisted of four seminars:

“Experience in organizing and operating a system for the comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled persons in Germany;

“Vocational education and employment of persons with special needs;

“Organization and system of financing long-term care for sick, disabled and elderly people in Germany”;

“Public-private partnership in the social sphere. Germany’s experience in developing social entrepreneurship”.

In the course of the activities carried out, the participants, in accordance with the programme of four seminars organized on a modular basis, had the opportunity to get acquainted with the social policy and the system of medical rehabilitation, social protection and social integration of disabled people in Germany, the organization and financing of long-term care and opportunities for people with health limitations to obtain vocational training, as well as the practical activities of a number of self-help organizations for disabled people. An integral part of the program was a visit to the international specialized exhibition “REHACARE International 2017”, where participants of the seminars saw the latest samples of goods and special equipment for rehabilitation, care and treatment of patients, the most modern means of mobility of the disabled and much more.

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