From 21st to 24th of November 2022, the INTAMT Academy conducted its first delegation trip since the beginning of 2020 in the field of public administration in Germany. A delegation from the southern Kazakh city of Shymkent came to Düsseldorf and Neuss to exchange experience with German colleagues on the topic of practical aspects of municipal administration.

The senior representatives of city administration from Kazakhstan first received an introduction to the German political system and became familiar with the principle of separation of powers and federalism, as well as the administrative competences at federal and state levels. Even In more detail, they learned about the general tasks of local self-governance and the work of the city administration departments such as the main office, the finance department (treasury and tax office), and economic development, using the example of the state capital Düsseldorf and the neighbouring city of Neuss. In addition, the participants were informed about vocational education and training and higher education for public service.

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