Radiologists and rehabilitologists from Kazakhstan participated in the INTAMT traineeship cycle. Two groups of physicians – radiologists and rehabilitologists – from Atyrau regional hospital, Atyrau cardiologic centre and Atyrau regional children’s hospital participated in different clinics of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Radiologists were introduced to the organization and work of the largest radiology department in North Rhine-Westphalia – the Radiology Clinic of the University Hospital in Dusseldorf. Düsseldorf. Their main interest was in modern computed tomography techniques. To deepen their knowledge of MRI cardiac diagnostics, two days were spent at the Radiology Clinic of the large, multidisciplinary city hospital in Mönchengladbach – Reydt.

At a parallel event, the rehabilitation specialists visited various rehabilitation centres – both outpatient and inpatient – in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Leverkusen and familiarised themselves with the organisation of rehabilitation processes for both adults and children. They also visited the world’s largest rehabilitation exhibition, Rehacare, where they learned about traditional and innovative rehabilitation techniques, as well as the demonstration of several modern methods of using virtual reality in rehabilitation.


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