Inclusion in the school system of Azerbaijan

As part of an INTAMT project to promote inclusion in Azerbaijan’s school system, German inclusion experts Annette Anner and Ulrike Hüppe visited the capital Baku from 12 to 15 January 2015 together with INTAMT Managing Director Yuri Nikitin. The project, implemented on behalf of UNICEF, is supported by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Education.

Within a few days, numerous meetings took place with executives of the Ministry of Education, school directors and teacher colleges, parents and non-profit organisations as well as experts. In addition, there were negotiations with Azerbaijani representatives of UNICEF.In the course of the talks, the main tasks and problems of the transition to inclusive education were discussed. The concrete steps towards the development of inclusion in the Republic were the topic of the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Education, Chechun Bayramov.


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