In the week of 08.10 – 13.10.2018  the INTAMT Academy organized a study tour for principals of Moscow schools in Italy. Over the course of the six-day event, participants gained insights into the Italian system of preschool, primary and secondary education, as well as the workflows of pre-school institutions and schools at Rome and Milan.


Despite the introduction of common European educational standards, Italy has succeeded in maintaining national educational traditions as well. Montessori education is internationally recognized and distributed worldwide. In recent years a reformed pedagogical approach to childcare, which seeks to bring together the child, his family and the child’s environment developed by Loris Malaguzzi, the co-founder of Reggio-Pedagogy, has become increasingly popular. At the heart of Reggio’s pedagogy is the child’s right to education regardless of his or her health or descent. That’s why above all visits to Reggio- and Montessori centers played an important role in the study tour.

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