Current educational developments in leading world economies are characterized by the active search for methods, forms and technologies of education which meet individual educational needs of the students to the best possible extent. Finland is one of the countries with the most successful educational system, taking leading positions in world rankings.  Finland’s educational system can boast a high level of student learning outcomes in all types of schools. Thus, the Finnish model of education has become the matter of keen interest for the educational professionals from all over the world.

During a short study tour organized by the INTAMT Academy, executives of the educational department of Moscow region have taken an important step forward towards exploring the Finnish best practices in education. The study tour took place in Finland from 30 October till 2 November 2017. During the tour executives and professionals from the Ministry of Education of the Moscow region as well as school principals of the Moscow region, headed by Olga Zabralova, Vice Chairman of Regional government, visited the Finnish Ministry of Education, the University of Helsinki and several Finnish schools to learn how Finnish schools are managed and operated.

The study tour was highly appraised by the leadership of the Moscow region. Upon the request of the regional Ministry of Education, INTAMT Academy organized a master class on the development of school education and the role of school leadership in the success of the Finnish educational model for educators of the Moscow region. In the master class organized on the 13th of December in the House of Government of the Moscow Region Finnish scientists, principals and teachers as well as over 250 principals of schools from the Moscow region took part.  Maria Zakharova, the Minister of Education of the Moscow region, Natalya Pantyukhina, Deputy of the Minister of Education and Finnish professionals gave reports during the event. Apart from that, INTAMT director Yuri Nikitin presented INTAMT educational projects on the study of best practices in the most successful countries in the world. All the participants agreed that thanks to the study tour they now feel encouraged to put advanced educational technologies to use in their school practice.


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