What characterizes practical studies in Germany? The use of innovative methods and technologies. Education representatives from Kazakhstan have experienced it by themselves as part of a study tour from May 25th to June 3rd 2015.

The program consisted of workshops and seminars on educational issues in higher education. Moreover, the guests visited the largest higher education institutions in the region of Cologne-Dusseldorf. On the last day of the study tour, the participants presented their knowledge and discussed the possibilities of its application in Kazakhstan.

Nurbol Appasow, associate professor of the Chemistry Department at the State Kyzylordyner Korkyt-Ata University, has come to Dusseldorf to learn more about the specifics of teaching at German universities. His expectations were fully met: “The organization deserves the grade ‘very good’,” said Appasow. “We had a very insightful program and were very pleased about the friendliness of the INTAMT staff and high-quality of language support.”

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