17.09 – 21.09.2018, Germany, the Netherlands

From September 17 until September 21, 2018 INTAMT Academy together with a regional training center, Moscow Oblast, conducted a seminar program for personnel of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the Moscow Oblast and of the city administration of Khimki, Klin and Domodedovo. The seminar program “Innovations in urban development and beautification in Germany and in the Netherlands: best practices” was supported by the Administration of Governor of Moscow oblast.

During the seminar program the participants were introduced into such issues of German and Dutch urban development as planning private housing areas and public spaces, a legal framework in this field, approaches to housing development and maintenance (waste sorting and disposal, waste recycling, greening and gardening). The participants of the event not only met with heads of city departments for urban development, but also visited leading architectural and landscape design companies, construction firms as well as waste disposal companies.

Moscow experts have become thoroughly convinced that in Germany and in the Netherlands urban development is aimed first and foremost at comfort and safety for city dwellers. Functionality and environment friendliness also play an important part in this field. The information and best practices the participants got to know during the seminar program will serve them as a source of inspiration for new ideas and give them a fresh impetus for redevelopment and improvement in Moscow Oblast.


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