03.12-08.12.2018, Germany, Netherlands


Vice-rectors, heads of administrative departments and professors of Russian and Kazakh universities took part in a professional development event on the topic “Innovations in organizational and research activities of European universities”, which the INTAMT Academy conducted from the 3rd to 8th of December 2019, in Germany and the Netherlands.


During the seminar participants visited several German and Dutch universities and familiarized themselves with new models of university administration and governance in the context of organizational autonomy. The following topics were covered in detail: higher education institution management, HEI business and financial activities and human resources management. Furthermore, such issues as new approaches in management of learning and teaching processes in higher education as well as requirements in terms of professional development of university teaching staff were addressed.

All participants of the seminar noted that they highly appreciated the organization and content of the seminar, and the pro-rector of the National Research University MIET, Professor Ignatova Irina Gurgenovna, found it the most useful of all the educational activities in which she had participated.


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