05.11.2018-11.11.2018, Austria

From November 5 to 11, 2018, INTAMT Academy held a seminar on “Development Trends in Austrian Higher Education”. The participants of the event included teachers from Moscow universities and representatives of the Moscow Municipal Union of Education and Science of Russia.

Austria is characterized by a high quality of education, which is also reflected in international rankings. In addition, an optimal price-performance ratio of the study is achieved in Austria. Unlike many European countries, studying in Austria costs comparatively little. Last but not least, the reform of the government in 2000 contributed to the attractiveness of the Austrian system for higher education by transferring the functions of supervision and financing of universities to the Austrian Ministry of Education. Twenty-one participants of the seminar were given insights into the special features of the Austrian higher education system by visiting leading universities and universities of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Salzburg and other cities in Austria.


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