DISEMEX Second Project Meeting

The 2th DISEMEX TPM was held as a two-days event at the Contentital Forum in Oradea, organised by project partner ACTA.

On the first day of the project, the organizational course was set, which will ensure a professional analysis of the project results. In the afternoon, the consortium was received by the Alsterdorf organisation, a branch of the Hamburg voluntary consultancy Alsterdorf.

Alsterdorf operates at different levels and offers counselling services for people with intellectual disabilities who are seeking integration or employment in the labour market.

For this purpose, the institution offers individual counselling services for employees and employers. Psychologists and social workers take care of the care, and based on the individual health situation they also make recommendations for the choice of career. In addition, the organisation runs its own workshop for people with disabilities who need constant support and guidance due to their individual anamnesis. The primary goal, however, is to bring people into employment on the regular labour market.

The institution was presented to the consortium and then the affiliated workshop was shown.

In the afternoon, Simina Miko presented her work as a psychologist and counsellor. She works both at ACTA and is also a contact person for numerous disability and orphan associations in the region. She outlined the Romanian education system as well as counselling and support services at different levels, especially in the area of transition to vocational education and training.

On 28.11. the DISEMEX consortium visited the children’s aid project Caminul Felix. There are 10 houses in the settlement and 8-10 children in each house. Married couples can apply there as “parents”, move into the houses and found a “family” there and take over the sponsorship for 10 children each. The parents commit themselves for at least 20 years, raise the children and thus become their “parents” with a correspondingly large family. The project is one of numerous international aid projects that were started after 1989, when the extent of neglect and neglect of Romanian street children and orphans became public worldwide.

The next project steps are the final elaboration of the analysis methodology and the preparation of the upcoming TPM in Sofia.

We would like to thank in particular the organisations visited for their hospitality and willingness to provide information.

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