The International Academy of Management and Technology (INTAMT) has been selected as host institution for one of the scholarship holders of the Federal Chancellor Scholarship. The graduate lawyer Ksenia Kulikova has been doing an internship at INTAMT since November 2015.

As part of the internship, Ms. Kulikova is working on the project entitled “Russian-German Business Network in Siberia (Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia)”.

The project aims to inform German companies about investment opportunities in the Krasnoyarsk region (Siberia, Russia), to find partners and to provide legal advice to German entrepreneurs in the Krasnoyarsk region.

We would like to draw your attention to an ongoing survey within the framework of the project. Answering the questions does not take more than 5 minutes. You can find the questionnaire form here.

Preliminary survey results

More scientific articles by Ksenia Kulikoiva:

“State support for foreign investment in Russia”

“The “Regional Investment Project” as a means of state support for investments in the regions of Siberia and the Far East”.

Program information

The Federal Chancellor Scholarship Programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is aimed at internationally oriented university graduates with initial management experience from the USA, the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Brazil and India. The target group are prospective decision-makers, multipliers and initiators from a broad spectrum of fields, including politics, public administration, business, society and culture. With the help of this fellowship programme, they are to be given the opportunity to come to Germany for one year in order to network with other young international leaders supported by the Humboldt Foundation and to seek new answers to the global issues of our time. Once again, Germany is a good place for intercultural dialogue and for the international leaders of tomorrow to meet. During their stay in Germany, the Federal Chancellor Fellows carry out independently developed, research-related projects at host institutions. They are supervised by hosts in Germany who they have chosen themselves and who possess the necessary expertise for the respective project topics. The projects should not only be of social relevance, but should also have a lasting, publicly visible impact. In addition, they should serve the further career development of the scholarship holders. They should deepen their specialist knowledge in Germany, gain new international experience and at the same time strengthen their intercultural skills so that they can grow into successful leaders. After completing their fellowship, they act as intermediaries between their home country and Germany and remain part of the worldwide Humboldt Network. Within this network, the alumnae and alumni of the Federal Chancellor Scholarship Programme maintain particularly close contacts with each other. This has resulted in a continuously growing network of international decision-makers, multipliers and initiators. Each year, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awards up to 50 Federal Chancellor Fellowships – up to ten each to prospective executives from the five countries mentioned.

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