Over 50 Moscow school principals took part in the seminar “Innovations in preschool and school education in Israel”. It was organized by INTAMT Academy between  2 – 9 April 2016. Russian educators attended the Israeli Ministry of Education, where they were introduced to the Israeli educational system, learnt about different types of preschools and schools in Israel, their funding sources and quality management system. Israel has a broad variety of schools, thus, Russian guests visited preschools and schools of different types and levels, where teachers showed them innovative technologies applied in learning and teaching, presented them student-centered curricula and teaching approaches. Training participants were especially impressed by comprehensive approaches used by Israeli teachers in teaching gifted students.

In the context of co-operation assessment with INTAMT director, Yuri Nikitin,  officials of the Israeli Ministry of Education expressed keen interest in further cooperation with the Academy INTAMT on networking with European professionals, more specifically in organizing joint projects in preschool, school and vocational education with their European colleagues.

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